How Much Does A Truck Scale Cost

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How much does a Truck Scale cost? The quick and easy answer: initial truck scale cost range anywhere from $35,000 all the way up to over $100,000.  However, truck scales may end up costing you more over time due to inaccuracies, broken components, or cost of maintenance over time.


What are the main components of a truck scale?

The Weighbridge (also known as the scale deck) – This is the main driving surface for the trucks and other vehicles being weighed. Weigh bridge lengths vary from the 30′ range to the 70′ range, with widths usually between 10′-11′ and options of a steel or concrete decks.

Load Cells – The sensors that measure the weight on the scale through either electrical or mechanical processes.  The 2 most common types of load cells are analog or digital although there are other weight capturing mechanisms available.

Cables- transmit the signal from the load cell to the terminal.

Foundation – The concrete base of the scale which the load cells and weigh bridge sits on. These can either be excavated from an in-ground pit or above-ground configuration with approaches.

Accessories – Various application specific components Such as traffic controls, gates, lights, printers, and custom software / data management tools.

What Is The Cost of Inaccuracies In A Truck Scale?

Scale accuracy and dependability are huge factors in determining bottom line, especially when buying and selling off of a truck scale. Look at the below chart to see how much money inaccuracy can cost you:

Bulk Commodities Price per Ton Price per Pound Daily Loss Weekly Loss Monthly Loss Yearly Loss

Waste (MSW)







Corn (56 lb/bu)







Steel Scrap







Can your production stand to lose $26,400 a month? I think most customers handling steel scrap would say not. So, what can you do? Start with the most accurate load cells your scale can get, which are digital load cells. Then make sure your scales are routinely calibrated.

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