In-Motion Checkweigher with Checkplus!

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This checkweigher is designed for weighing small boxes or bags that include multiple parts. Customers that would utilize this equipment will package items in a bag or case and need to determine if they are under/over packaging these items. One particular application involved variable size cases with a nominal weight between ½ and 1lb., and the conveyor speed requirements were set at 60 feet per minute with the distance between the leading edges of the cases at 12.5 inches. These parameters allowed our solution to achieve a production rate of 50+ cases per minute.


1. Quality Control
Many customers may hand count items in the case or bag, and this leads to human error. The customer could be under or over shipping a product. Under shipping the product could lead to costly returns and bad customer relations. Over shipping the product can lead to unaccountable waste for the customer
2. Production Efficiencies
Customers may be hand counting or statically check weighing cases or bags. Both of these two processes are labor intensive and could be bottlenecks in the production process. In-motion weighing solutions can provide an accurate system to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.
3.Data Collection
This weighing system can provide real time data on products concerning the cases/bags measured and the accuracy of each. These metrics can be utilized to meet quality standards or even produce dashboards to evaluate many performance indicators.
4.Custom Sizing
Some customers have little space to input this weighing system. In the above example, we were able to design to fit the customer’s specification.

Product Components

METTLER TOLEDO PBA430-QB30 12”x12” bench scale (20lb x .001lb). Set to detect the smallest piece/part.
METTLER TOLEDO IND570 controller with Carlton’s Checkplus! software. Allows for storage capacity of 500 products with target weights, over/under tolerances, and reporting capabilities via Ethernet transmission to a PC or network.
12”x 6” seamless powered belt conveyor with medium friction. A variable speed drive is included to control the speed of the conveyor’s brushless DC motor.
2 24VDC retro-reflective photo-eyes that are utilized for the in-motion checkweighing functions and for triggering alarms (example: 2 boxes on the scale at one time).
A bolt-on draft shield can be included to protect against possible air drafts in the area.
3 light stack light (optional). Reject mechanism (optional).

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