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This Smart Floor Scale Can Save You Thousands

< 3 min Read Time It’s a Monday morning, you just got to work, coffee in hand, and you find out from the weekend shift manager that a forklift operator dropped the pallet a little too hard onto your production line floor scale. Of course it’s not working correctly, and no one can figure out…

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The Cost of Automation? It’s Lower Than You Think 

The world is moving towards automated production but what exactly will the cost of automation be? The global spend on automation increased more than 140% to $155 billion dollars compared to just $65 billion in 2000 and is estimated to increase to over $300 Billion by 2020. It’s easy to see why that trend will…

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Why Use Dedicated Batch Controllers

Automation is the future of manufacturing, especially with batch processes. The question is, what is the best way to start incorporating automation processes? Most engineers are incredibly comfortable with PLC system control, but that leaves floor level scale operators, maintenance personnel, and scale technicians in a difficult situation when it comes to maintenance and operation. It…

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The Cost of Scale Inaccuracy

  How Much Does Inaccuracy Hurt your Bottom Line? Imagine this. Your customer receives your product. Opens a box or accepts the shipment and they find out they’ve been shorted a part, box, or amount of product. How does that impact your business? Is your customer going to be coming back to your solution? Probably…

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Why Measure Scale Return on Investment?

We get it. Scale systems can be a serious investment. Often times it is incredibly tempting to go with a scale that has a lower upfront cost and save some the money now. But how much money is that mindset saving you in the long run? What happens when you have to buy a new bench…

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Volume vs Weight Batching

A question we often hear customers ask is if they should be using weigh modules or flow meters for different batching or tank applications. Each has specific pros and cons associated with batching. While flow meters often are less in upfront investment, they typically have more issues associated with them depending on your product. They…

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Pros and Cons of Batching System Types

Batching is the process of turning raw materials into finished goods. When building batching systems by weight, most engineers will design batching processes as either a full manual batching, semi-manual batching, or automated batching system. The chart below details pros and cons of each system:  Batching System PROS CONS Manual  Low upfront cost More manual…

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How to Combat Production Inefficiencies

Time, effort, and money is wasted every day by companies looking to improve their production. Where do managers need to look for quality improvements in production lines? What kinds of data is needed to make educated decisions about your production? The best starting places for production managers to focus on is yield loss, or how…

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Improving Efficiencies in Warehouses

Who wouldn’t like to improve their warehousing efficiency? Intelligent use of scales in a production environment, especially a warehouse, has been proven to increase profitability. Scales ensure that you have a proper count of inventory, your product is shipped correctly and within the proper quality tolerances. Improving Efficiencies in Warehouses is easier than you think!  Maximizing…

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Check Weighing: Key to Efficient Production

 Check weighing is the process of verifying the quality of an end product by its weight. Check weighing has long been a key element of production operations due to their fast nature of the operation, affordability and low error rate, when set up and calibrated correctly. Check weighing is the secret weapon of the most…

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