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The Best Hygienic Weigh Module In The World: METTLER TOLEDO SWB805

The SWB805 is one of the most well thought out products that METTLER TOLEDO has ever come out with. The SWB805 is a completely hygienic, self-draining weigh module designed particularly for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or areas where contamination could become problematic. This weigh module is available in six weighing capacities from 250lbs all the way up to 10,000lbs.

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ACM360 Industrial Bluetooth Data Transfer Device

As connectivity demands increase in production facilities, the new ACM360 connector from METTLER TOLEDO can provide reliable means for connecting to scale terminals via Bluetooth. The ACM360 works with a variety of METTLER TOLEDO terminals to allow connection of printers and other Bluetooth 4.x devices in a fast, convenient way. What Can I Do With…

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APPLICATION STUDY: Custom Filling Solution

 Filling is a surprisingly tricky part of many production environments. Ensuring everything is packed as efficiently as possible while not over packing or under packing product can be costly if not accounted for when setting up processes.  Powders are especially tricky to deal with due to air pocket creation in the container and potential…

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APPLICATION STUDY: Batching Customization

For customers looking to increase batching effectiveness, batching customization is an incredible opportunity to increase efficiency without the addition of complex automated control mechanisms. Our Industrial Applications team recently installed a solution to fit a plastic pellet manufacture’s unique process in a safe and intuitive way. WHO: Plastic Pellet Manufacturing WHAT: Semi-Automatic Batching PROCESS DESCRIPTION:…

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APPLICATION STUDY: Custom Check Weigher Size

Product verification is an integral part of quality processes. Verifying correct parts, regulatory weight, and proper packaging is vital to ensuring that your customers receive the product they have paid for. In-motion check weighing is a common solution to check product quality. However, your processes may not fit standard solutions available on the market today….

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APPLICATION STUDY: Unattended Weighing

Sometimes scale operators are necessary for truck weighing applications to ensure that processes are being followed. Automation can help keep processes moving swiftly and working at off hours while still ensuring the correct process steps are being followed. In a recent project, our Carlton Industrial Automation team helped a waste management municipality make their third-party…

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Analog or Digital Load Cells?

Often customers will ask, should I use analog or digital load cells? Both have pros and cons, but the main difference between the two is how their signals are processed.  Signal strength, signal content, and data sample rate are the main elements that vary between the two load cell options….. Signal Strength:  Both load cells use strain gauge signals that begin…

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Jaguar and JAGXTREME Replacements

METTLER TOLEDO is the world’s leading provider of weighing equipment.  They provided weighing equipment that lasts well past the availability of replacement parts. Terminals are a prime example of such equipment we see in the field, with the Jaguar and the JAGXTREME being two of the most popular. As partners for your productivity, this worries us….

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PDX® Technology in Weigh Modules

   PDX® load cell technology is as good as it gets with regards to weighing accurately and efficiency, so it was only a matter of time before the most advanced PDX®  digital load cells became available for more applications. METTLER TOLEDO produces weigh module versions of PDX® with the PinMount™ systems. In this post, we will look…

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POWERCELL® PDX® Technology

  As with all forms of technology, load cells have evolved rapidly over the last decade.  Going from analog to digital was a big first step; however, PDX® technology is a game-changer in the industrial weighing industry.  From the elimination of junction boxes to the advanced predictive diagnostics capabilities, METTLER TOLEDO has developed the most…

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