Top 5 Industrial Scale Manufacturers

By: Brody McCuiston

After 7 decades of selling, servicing and calibrating all types of weighing instruments, scales and controls, we’ve had tons of experience with many different brands of weighing equipment. This post gives you a quick breakdown of 5 of the top industrial scale manufacturers whose equipment we see most throughout the Southeast U.S.

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1) Mettler-Toledo (Mettler-Toledo International Inc.)MettlerToledoLogo

  • Quick Facts 
    • Founded: 1991
  • Quick Bio 
    • Mettler-Toledo International would like you to weigh things carefully (say to one ten-millionth of a gram). The company makes precision weighing and analytical instruments for the industrial, laboratory, and food retail sectors. Products include bench and floor scales, transportation and logistics data capture, laboratory balances, pipettes, automated chemistry solutions, process analytics, software, and more. The company also makes products for the retail grocery industry, including labeling systems, checkout scanner scales, receiving scales, and data management software. Mettler-Toledo’s business is geographically diverse, with customers across the Americas, Asia, and Europe.
    • Operations: Mettler-Toledo is the largest provider of weighing instruments for laboratory, industrial, and food retailing use. The firm is also a leading supplier of analytical instruments for use in life science, reaction engineering, and real-time analytic systems used in drug and chemical compound development. The company’s Laboratory Instruments and Industrial Instruments divisions each contribute about 45% of sales, with Retail Weighing products accounting for the rest. Mettler-Toledo also offers services, such as calibration, certification, repairs, and spare parts supply.
    • Geographic Reach: Mettler-Toledo has almost 20 manufacturing plants in China, Germany, India, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. The US is its single largest market, accounting for more than a quarter of total sales. China is second, with 17%. Europe, including France, Germany, the UK, and Switzerland, contributes about a third.


averyweightronix logo

2) Avery Weigh-Tronix:

  • Quick Facts 
    • Founded: 1971
  • Quick Bio 
    • Avery Weigh-Tronix puts the whole weight of its being into its work. The company makes a full slate of industrial and retail weighing systems, from bench scales to conveyor scales, counting scales,
    • floor scales, truck scales, and weigh bars. It also produces accessories, such as printers, remote displays, signal processors, and wireless transceivers. Clients come from such sectors as transportation and logistics, as well as public safety. The company operates globally through regional sales offices; much of its revenues come from outside North America. It has about 500 locations worldwide, with about half of those in the US. The company is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW).
    • Geographic Reach: The company serves customers in 100 countries. It has operations in Canada, China, France, India, Ireland, Malaysia, the UK, and the US
    • Operations: Avery Weigh-Tronix includes a number of the world’s best-known weighing companies, including Avery India, Brecknell, Dillon and Railweight. It operates worldwide through a network of wholly owned companies and international dealers and distributors.


btek logo 3) B-TEK Scales (B-Teck Scales, LLC):

  • Quick Facts
    • Founded: 2003
  • Quick Bio 
    • “Fred Brechbuhler founded the Brechbuhler Scales Company in Canton, Ohio in 1929. Brechbuhler Scales started as a regional scale service company and distributor for new equipment. As time went on, Brechbuhler Scales expanded their footprint to include 16 offices in four different states while being a distributor for many different manufacturers, one of those being B-TEK. B-TEK Scales, LLC was started in 1995 by the third generation of the Brechbuhler family, originally the objective was to have a manufacturing arm to supply Brechbuhler Scales and their offices. Since that time, B-TEK has grown and now boasts a distribution network of over 100 independently owned companies!”
    • “The company’s corporate headquarters still remain in Canton, Ohio and the Brechbuhler family stays actively involved with the business. The employees of B-TEK Scales, LLC are proud to work in an environment based on traditional values with an emphasis on cooperation. B-TEK Scales, LLC has been serving business and industry since 1995. Our objective is to increase your company’s productivity by providing exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art weighing equipment.”
    • “B-TEK Scales, LLC. has a highly trained staff of sales professionals, distributors and manufacturing professionals to provide our customers with a single source for all your weighing needs. With multi-generational experience, the B-TEK Scales team brings over 80 years of industry know-how to the table. That long term knowledge of the weighing industry enables our company to focus on bringing new and innovative solutions to our customers”


4) Emery Winslow Scale Co. emerywinslow logo

  • Quick Bio (From Hoovers.com Company Index)

    • “According to William Fischer, president of the company since 1990, “Our mission is to design, manufacture and sell the most reliable weighing products on the market, particularly for harsh environments where the load cells are subject to washdown, stray voltages, corrosion, etc., or must be located in explosive areas. That’s what we are really good at,” he says. “We like to give the best value to our customers-the lowest cost of ownership. That’s really the hallmark of Emery Winslow.””
    • “This mission statement means that Emery Winslow will focus on what it does best-provide alternative weighing products which can dramatically reduce the downtime that end users may be experiencing in washdown or outdoor weighing applications. This focus will channel the long history and experience of these two companies for optimum results. Administrative, engineering and marketing functions will continue to be headquartered at Emery Winslow’s newly constructed offices in Seymour, CT. Manufacturing will be done at the 80,000-square foot plant in Terre Haute, IN.”


5) Rice Lake Weighing Systems:
rice lake logo

  • Quick Facts
    • Founded: 1946
  • Quick Bio (from Hoovers.com Company Index)
    • Rice Lake Weighing Systems enables customers to weigh their options. The company has designed and manufactured industrial scale and process control weighing equipment. Its inventory boasts more than 35,000 products varying in size and purpose from small retail scales, bench scales, and balances to scales for livestock, and on-board weighing devices for semi-trailer vehicles and trains. Rice Lake Weighing Systems also carries related uninterruptible power supplies, printers, and software. Its divisions offer custom machining, pressure instrumentation, spray equipment, and fishing, home, and outdoor accessories.
    • Geographic Reach: The company has facilities in North America, South America, India, and the Netherlands.


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