How Much Does a Floor Scale Cost?

By: Brody McCuiston

FloorScale-VERTEX 1Floor scale upfront cost varies from around $500 all the way up to nearly $45,000, but these scales could cost you much much more over the life of the scale.  So how much does a floor scale cost and why should you spend twice the amount for just a floor scale? The main answers are accuracy and durability. As with most pieces of industrial equipment, the higher upfront cost will give you a longer lasting, more durable product. In this post we will look at how floor scales are built and how that saves you money over the lifetime of the scale.

Why Footing Systems?  

In doing research, you may have seen different posts about footing systems in floor scales. What does that really mean and why does it matter? Floor scales have different suspension systems to ensure accuracy and durability. Most manufacturers use a threaded footing system that screws the foot into the load cell itself. This can be problematic in real world situations. What happens when a forklift operator runs into the scale or the scale needs to be moved and is set down wrong? Now a load cell needs to be replaced because of a broken foot. Rocker pin and ball-in-cup footing systems are intrinsically designed to protect load cells from these very environmental factors. They also allow for the weigh module to be free from factors that can influence

The Cost of Inaccuracy

An accurate scale pays for itself year after year. No matter what scale you have, when scales do not weigh accurately, you can be giving away product. Loss and waste are elements of production that can be controlled with well maintained, well designed floor scales. Unfortunately, all scales do lose calibration over time. Having a scale checked in regular intervals by factory trained technicians is the best way to ensure that scales continue to pay for themselves, rather than add to production overhead.

Whether it be eliminating the loss/waste of a product being weighed, or less service calls and downtime for broken scales, making the decision to go with a high-quality floor scale always pays off in the long run. So how much does a floor scale cost? Brilliantly designed floor scales are the cheapest  floor scales you will own.