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Carlton Industrial Automation ScrapPlus! Recycling Software

Carlton Industrial Automation proposes to provide a custom Scrap Processing Software application for your recycling businesses. This will be offered at various levels and with various options that will allow compliance with new state laws and statutes, but allow for an entry level package that can be built upon as your business grows.

The SPS Advanced software has the ability to have multiple scale inputs (4). This includes having a single Vehicle scale using an inbound vehicle queue to store the inbound weight. The Main screen has 80 item positions which can be expanded if needed. The operator can also have multiple customers tickets open at the same time. This allows the customer to have a single ticket for the Truck scale transaction and then add to that ticket when they come inside for non-ferrous items. Multiple PC’s can be networked together allowing them to share a common database table. This will allow a single PC to be used as the master for printing customer tickets and reports.



Optional Items (includes hardware and software upgrades for integration):
  • TouchScreen All-In-One PC
  • ScanShell Drivers License Reader (Single Side)
  • ScanShell Drivers License Reader (Dual Side)
  • Topaz IDLite signature capture w/fingerprint
  • Camera for photo capture and storage (IP)
  • Cash Drawer with RS232 kick out function
  • CheckWriting option (software only)
  • USB to Serial Hub 4 Port
  • USB to Serial Hub 8 port
  • Export file to Comma Delimited

Additional Software License for a additional PC station at same site.

IND780 Automatic/Manual Batcher with Task Expert & PC Batch Data Manager

Carlton Industrial Automation offers a wide range of customizable products and software solutions providing value and easy integration into the manufacturing and distribution process for business across all industries