Carlton Scale offers a wide variety of Crane Scales, Forklift Scales and Dimensioning Products. We utilize our relationships with Mettler Toledo, MSI, LTS, Rice Lake , and others to find the product and solution that best fits your application. Contact your local Carlton Scale representative to discuss how we can help solve your challenges.

A forklift scale can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. The scale is built into the forklift truck’s carriage, so you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting a pallet. It eliminates the need to transport pallets to a platform scale, weigh them, and then remove the pallets afterward. The forklift driver can control all weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab. Choose from two communication options: wireless and wired. The wireless version transmits weight data from the scale carriage to the scale terminal via radio signal. The wired version transmits data from the carriage to the terminal via cable. The forklift scale capacity is 5,000 lb (readability is 5 lb).


How to Improve Warehouse Efficiencies



  • Depending on your application, you may need a wired or wireless communication between the scale carriage and the scale controller.
  • Always choose a higher capacity than your application requires. This will minimize the chance for overloading the forklift
  • If there is data management needed in the forklift, you may need a more powerful terminal. Let our application engineers know if you are doing data capture via a wireless network.


VFS220 Forklift Scale
This scale is a hang-on attachment that can be installed on any forklift truck with a Class II lift bracket.