Carlton Scale offers Mettler Toledo counting scales that range from high resolution analytical balances to rugged floor scales for heavy loads. We have the product and solution that will help you efficiently manage your materials. Our Counting Scale solutions can also easily be incorporated into an inventory management system to help you increase your productivity while achieving reliable control over incoming and outgoing materials. Ask your local Carlton Scale representative about the product and solutions to help you achieve optimum counting results.



  • Depending on your application, you may need a scale better suited for product check-weighing or piece counting. Many of these scales can do both functions, but are initially set up differently.
  • Always choose a higher capacity than your application requires. This will minimize the chance for overloading the load cells in the counting scale.
  • Let us know if the application is for a wash down environment. Some of our counting scales are specifically designed for heavy wash-down.


Basic Counting Scales (ICS445)
Every item counts: The ICS445 compact scales. Fast and reliable operation with counting-specific soft keys. Easily applicable also for two-scales systems.
Advanced Counting Scales (ICS465)
More than just counting: The ICS465 compact scales offer direct entries for counting, checkweighing and totalizing. Last but not least benefit from the internal database and the possibility to create a two-scales-system.
Multi Function Scales (ICS685)
Stay flexible: The ICS685 level. Thanks to its graphic display and freely configurable keys, the scale allows customer-specific configurations.
Customized Counting Solutions
Do you have special counting applications? We can offer you a multitude of combination possibilities.