Carlton Scale offers a wide variety of compact bench scales manufactured by Mettler Toledo. These scales have weigh ranges between .6kg up to 600 kg with various size platforms. These products utilize Mettler Toledo’s strain gage or electromagnetic force technology to guarantee the pinpoint accuracy.

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BBA221 Bench Scale
For simple industrial applications - Fast, economical, impressive.
Simple Weighing Scales
Perfect weighing: The "basic" level. For easy, precise weighing.
Simple Counting Scales
Every item counts: The "count" level. Fast and reliable operation with counting-specific keys. Easily applicable also for two-scales systems.
Comfortable Counting Scales
More than just counting: The "count+"-level. Easy direct entries and operation of the memory with the numeric keyboard.
The All-Rounder
Stay flexible: The “smart+” level. Thanks to its graphic display and freely configurable keys, the scale allows customer-specific...
Viper Ex
The intrinsically safe compact scales for zone 1 hazardous areas not only increas your productivity and measurement but look smart, too.
BBA226 Bench Scale
For Your Demanding Applications – Durable, Reliable, Economical.