Common Problems with Moisture Analyzers

By: Kelly Buck


There’s no doubt that moisture analyzers can be a vital part of your quality control processes.  They allow you to measure processability, shelf life, usability, and quality of your products. So what are the common problems with moisture analyzers? Are you insuring that they are always performing to their best? Many facilities calibrate the weighing capabilities, but neglect the other key factor in moisture analysis, the temperature.

  • If the heating temperature is too low, not all of the moisture will have the chance to evaporate, which can lead to an incorrect reading of moisture content. There will also be problems caused by evaporation of the surface water instead of a complete crystal water evaporation in a sample.
  • If the heating temperature is too high the opposite can happen. A sample may melt, oxidize, burn, or even combust. Other properties of the measured substance may change state, leaving trapped moisture inside of the sample without giving it a chance to evaporate.

So what causes these fluctuations to occur? There are many variables that can cause temperature fluctuations in moisture analyzers. Most influences are permanent, which occur regularly in samples or more sporadic as temporary influences. Some permanent influences could be previous incorrect adjustment of the heating unit. Mechanical defects in the weighing unit can also present itself regularly. Temporary influences can vary from incorrect sample handling, wrong sample preparation, or other operator errors. These influences can be limited by applying suitable tests at appropriate regular frequencies by trained technicians.

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