Carlton Scale offers custom checkweighing systems called CheckPlus! along with the standard industrial Mettler Toledo checkweighers. If you are looking for accurate and reliable solutions, contact one of Carlton Scale’s local sales representatives and lets discuss a solution that works best for your application.


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  • Always choose a higher capacity than your application requires. This will minimize the chance for overloading the load cells in the counting scale.
  • Let us know if the application is for a wash down environment. Some of our counting scales are specifically designed for heavy wash-down.



Carlton Industrial Automation develops custom check-weighers to fit into your existing production called CheckPlus! Contact one of our application engineers to discuss specific challenges for your production.



ICS649/ICS669 Checkweigher
ICS649/ICS669 Checkweighers offer not just checkweighing relevant data are stored and can easily be reviewed.
ICS449/ICS469 Checkweigher
Fast and precise, Simple to operate, Rugged construction combined with the colorWeight functionality result in a perfect solution for the industry.
ICS429/ICS439 Basic Weighing Scales
The Basic Weighing scales are developed for fast and precise operation.
ICS629/ICS639 Basic Weighing Scales
ICS629/ICS639 Scales offers not just weighing relevant data are stored and can easily be reviewed.
Industrial Compact Systems (ICS)
ColorWeight® displays reduce eyestrain; audit-quality tracking enhances traceability. Production becomes faster, more transparent—and ultimately more profitable.