Carlton World Tour Starts Today!

Happy Monday, even though Mondays are very rarely the highlight of anyone’s week. But, here at Carlton Scale this Monday means the kick off of what we like to call the Carlton World Tour.

Chris Trevey (President/CEO), Ben Greenland (Sales Manager) and Nelle Haywood (VP of Operations) travel to each of Carlton’s 9 branches throughout the week and conduct an annual meeting/update. It is crucial to our success for everyone to share a common goal and to be updated and informed about our companies mission, vision and purpose. The Carlton World Tour allows us to do just that! By the end of the week, the traveling trio will be undoubtedly tired and ready for some relaxation, but they can rest easy knowing every branch is re-energized and motivated to take on 2015. Day 1 will begin at Carlton headquarters in Greensboro, NC and continue on to our newest branch in Charlotte, NC. You can see the rest of the world tour schedule below.

MARCH 16th
Greensboro, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina

MARCH 17th
Knoxville, Tennessee
Kingsport, Tennessee

MARCH 18th
Roanoke, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

MARCH 19th
Salisbury, Maryland
Chesapeake, Virginia

March 20th
Greenville, North Carolina

Map view of the Carlton World Tour

Map view of the Carlton World Tour