How to Measure Return on Investment

We get it. Scale systems can be a serious investment. Often times it is incredibly tempting to go with a scale that has a lower upfront cost and save some the money now. But how much money is that mindset saving you in the long run? What happens when you… (Read More

Volume vs Weight Batching

Engineers design many different types of batching systems but the first question they ask is whether to use weight batching or volume based batching. Each system has advantages and disadvantages to each (Read More)

Pros and Cons of Batching System Types

Batching is the process of turning raw materials into finished goods. When building batching systems by weight, most engineers will design batching processes as either a full manual batching, semi-manual batching, or automated batching system. The chart below details pros and cons of each system: (Read More

How To Combat Production Inefficiencies

Time, effort, and money is wasted every day by companies looking to improve their production. Where do managers need to look for quality improvements in production lines? What kinds of data is needed to make educated decisions about your production? The best starting places for production managers to focus on….(Read More)

Scale Terminology

We understand some of the Jargon we use can be lost on those who may not be as familiar with the metrology (the scientific study of measurement) terminology. That’s why we’ve complied a pretty simple list of scale terminology  to hep you understand the scientific aspects of this study of measurement. (Read More)


Weigh Better Living: Colfax Partnership

As part of our ongoing commitment to living out our Weigh Better promise this Thanksgiving season, Carlton Scale has partnered with the Colfax Partnership Ministry of Shady Grove Wesleyan Church in order to raise funds for their ministry. This arm of the historic church provides assistance in our community by working hand in hand with Colfax Elementary school to provide support for teachers, students, and their families through supplies and assistance. (Read More)


Common Problems with Moisture Analyzers

There’s no doubt that moisture analyzers can be a vital part of your quality control processes.  They allow you to measure processability, shelf life, usability, and quality of your products. So what are the common problems with moisture analyzers? Are you insuring that they are always performing to their best? Many facilities calibrate the weighing capabilities, but neglect the other key factor in moisture analysis, the temperature. (Read More) .

How to buy a truck scale

Everyone agrees that a truck scale can go through a lot. These scales are often in relentless environments and exposed to the elements.  You need to be confident and know your scale will last before you invest thousands of dollars into this piece of equipment. So what should you look for when purchasing a truck scale so that you can be confident it will last? (Read More)

Jaguar and JAGXTREME Replacements

Mettler Toledo is the world’s leading provider of weighing equipment and for good reason. They have historically provided reliable weighing equipment that last well past the availability of replacement parts. Terminals are a prime example of such equipment we see in the field, with the Jaguar and the JAGXTREME being the two most popular. As partners for your productivity, this worries us. If these terminals go down on a critical process in your production, we’re not going to have parts available for you and our only option is ordering replacement terminals. Safeguard your production process with the upgrad…. (Read More)


Carlton Academy: Weighing Experience First

Training is crucial for any organization to ensure they are providing first class service to their customers. Carlton Academy was started as a way to develop our internal knowledge base in order to grow as an organization. Read the conversation with Boo Humphries, operations manager for Roanoke Virginia and our instructor for our latest class on terminals in Carlton Academy. (Read more!)

3 Things To Consider for Maintaining a Truck Scale

Truck Scale owners know that there is a lot that goes into the planning and purchasing of a truck scale. Deciding on a steel or concrete deck, making sure the site and foundation are correct, and deciding on the preventative maintenance program that is right for you. Here are three things to consider for maintaining your truck scale investment: (read more)


Warehouse Managers Need to Know About Scales

Who wouldn’t like to improve their warehousing efficiency? Our most profitable customers all have one thing in common, intelligent use of scales in their production environment, especially the warehouse.  Scales ensure that you have a proper count of inventory, your product is shipped correctly and within the proper quality tolerances.

(Read More)


Weighing Safety First

At Carlton Scale, we pride ourselves on providing safe products and resources for our customers in a safe environment for our employees. Our safety slogan is “Weigh Safety 1st” and that commitment is a core pillar of our business, which carries to not only our employees but also to our customers. The below blog post is written by Heather Wilkinson, our Safety Coordinator! Read more! 


5 Common Scale Myths

By: Kelly Buck

Scales shouldn’t be a mystery. In fact, they should be one of the most reliable aspects of your production work flow! Below are five common scale myths and ways to stay ahead of costly problems. Read more! 


Weigh Better: Living Out Our Promise

Our top producing customers are often running 24/7. When your scales are integrated into an  “always on”  production system, you have to have a vendor that can react to problems fast and get you running again. (Click here to continue Reading)


Weigh Better Means: Giving Back

Carlton Scale is made up of your neighbors, no matter where you are in our nine branch footprint.  Part of being Weigh Better is giving back to the community. This year, Carlton Scale Corporate, Carlton Industrial Automation, and Carlton Scale Greensboro was honored to participate in a food drive supporting the United Way of Greater Greensboro’s African American Male Initiative Program (AAMI) at Wiley Elementary school here in Greensboro, North Carolina. The food donated by our team members will go to replenish the food pantry at Wiley and provide nutritious food to energize the student’s mind, body, and spirits. Carlton scale is honored and thankful for the opportunity to help serve this initiative and the community.

Click Here for our Thank You Video!



The Importance of Scale Maintenance

Businesses that use scales do so for one very important reason; to ensure they are operating efficiently.  Routine scale calibrations and preventative maintenance guarantees that the weighing instruments will continue to operate to specification. This post gives an outline of  the importance of scale maintenance.  (Click here to continue reading)


How much does a Floor Scale cost?

FloorScale-LIFTMATE    Did you know the price of a floor scale varies from around $1,200 all the way up to nearly $45,000?  Some large, custom-sized models can come in at even higher prices.  Over the years, we’ve seen nearly every type of floor scale on the market and we’ve designed custom software programs for many different floor scale applications.  In this post, we look at a range of floor scale options, as well as discuss the reasons why some floor scales may cost more up front, but end up generating savings in the long run (click here to continue reading)..

Analog Load Cells or Digital Load Cells ?

analog or digital

By: Brody McCuiston

There are always questions when talking about “load cell types.” Often customers bring this up when determining their needs for weighing applications. To put it simply, there are two main types of load cells, Analog and Digital. Both have pros and cons, but the main difference between the two is how their signals are processed.  Signal strength, signal content, and data sample rate are the main elements that vary between the two load cell options….. (Click here to continue reading)


PDX Technology in Weigh Modules

PDX pinmount pic PDX load cell technology is as good as it gets with regards to weighing accurately and efficiency, so it was only a matter of time before PDX load cells became available for more applications (other than just vehicle scales). This document focuses on the SWC515 PinMount weigh modules that are now available with a PDX load cell option.  Focus on safety and accuracy! (click here to read more).

PDX Technology

TruckScales Additional Value-PDX Load Cells As with all forms of technology, load cells have evolved rapidly over the last decade.  Going from analog to digital was a big first step; however PDX technology is a game-changer in the industrial weighing industry.  From the elimination of junction boxes, to the advanced predictive diagnostics capabilities, METTLER TOLEDO has developed the most accurate load cell available.  Accuracy equals efficiency, which in turn leads to rising profits.(Click here to read more).

Top 5 Industrial Scale Manufacturers

        AfterCarlton Logo- C ONLY (No background) 7 decades of selling, servicing and calibrating all types of weighing instruments, scales and controls, we’ve had tons of experience with many different brands of weighing equipment. This post gives you a quick breakdown of 5 of the top industrial scale manufacturers whose equipment we see most throughout the Southeast U.S.  (Click here to continue post…).

Checkweighing: Key to Efficient Production

Checkweighers have long been a key element of production operations, as they are capable of far more than just weighing, and can actually optimize your whole production process. Benefits of a checkweigher include:  Click here to view the rest of this post.

Carlton Scale: Weigh Better

carlton WEIGHBETTER logo--no backgroundOur new logo has a subtle, yet meaningful addition to it; Weigh Better.  As we continue to grow and improve as a business, maintaining standards of excellence are at the forefront.  Who better to introduce the new Carlton Scale Weigh Better Standards of excellent than our own President & CEO, Chris Trevey: Click here to read more


How much does a truck scale cost?

By: Brody McCuiston

How much does a Truck Scale cost? The quick and easy answer: initial truck scale cost range anywhere from $35,000 all the way up to over $100,000.  However, truck scales may end up costing you more over time due to inaccuracies, broken components, or cost of maintenance over time. truck-scales1 (Read More…)


Student Mentality

Happy Monday! Back to work after what was hopefully a wonderful Easter weekend. A few of our staff members just returned from Mettler Toledo in Columbus, OH where they learned all sorts of tips, tricks and knowledge regarding CRM implementation. Roll out of a new CRM system involves embracing change, being open minded, and having a student mentality. Doing this in business and in life will result in growth and success. Check out the video below about a diamond company with less than 100 employees who were able to have this mentality, and in turn saw their business flourish with the implementation of Salesforce.

Let’s be FOCUSED Drivers

Safety first is always our motto. Many company’s “near-misses” are directly related to distracted driving or motor vehicle mishaps. With all the new technology we, and many other companies, are implementing, keeping your phone out of your hands while driving is becoming increasingly important. Be aware, and remember that no email, text message, or phone call is worth your life. It can wait!

What are your work habits?

Brian Tracy is one of the most listened to audio authors on personal and business success in the world today. Take a few minutes this morning to listen to what he has to say about two crucial habits of successful people. While watching, think about your work habits. If you find yourself unfocused, which we all do from time to time, take a second to “adjust your lens” and be the best worker you can be today. Monday may be the toughest day to get through, but if you have a strong and productive start to the week, everything else will fall in place. Before you know it, it’ll be Friday!


More pictures from our Carlton World Tour

Marcus Sheridan – Perfect guy for a Monday…

This past Friday, Brody McCuiston (Marketing Manager) and Genna Tripoli (Inside Sales) attended a Content Marketing Workshop at Greensboro Country Club with speaker Marcus Sheridan. .

Hard Work Pays Off at Carlton

Take a look at a few photos from our Carlton World Tour. We are extremely lucky to have such hard working and dedicated employees, and we believe in recognizing them for all they do to contribute to the success of our organization. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

And just to have a little fun…

Our Sales Manager, Ben Greenland, is very excited about his biscuit. Who wouldn't be?!

Our Sales Manager, Ben Greenland, is very happy about his biscuit. Who wouldn’t be?!

Safety Tip Tuesday!

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2,000 U.S. workers are treated daily for occupational eye injuries. One of the most important and effective ways to prevent these injuries is to use proper protective eye wear. Check out what Eddie Hammond, Product and Application Specialist at our Charlotte, NC branch, has to say about eye and face safety!





A little Monday motivation…

A big thanks to Ben Greenland, our Sales Manager for sharing this video with us to start the week out with a positive, “conquer-the-world” mindset. Try watching after your lunch break for a second wind to get through this Monday afternoon.

Carlton World Tour Starts Today!

Happy Monday, even though Mondays are very rarely the highlight of anyone’s week. But, here at Carlton Scale this Monday means the kick off of what we like to call the Carlton World Tour..

New to the Blogging World

Carlton Scale? Why on earth would they start a blog?

Well, we say good question! But we have a Weigh Better answer.

Here at Carlton Scale, we pride ourselves in being forward thinking and living outside the box. Our vision is to be the premier provider of industrial weighing and measuring products and services. So here we are, ready to bring our vision to fruition. We’re willing to try new and exciting ways to connect with our customers, potential customers, and anyone else who takes an interest in Carlton Scale.

Be on the look out for weekly safety tips and tech stories, photos, Carlton Journeys, and much more! Soon you’ll see why everything we do is Weigh Better, even our blog.

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