Carlton Academy: Weighing Expertise First

By: Kelly Buck

Training is crucial for any organization to ensure they are providing first class service to their customers. Carlton Academy was started as a way to develop our internal knowledge base in order to grow as an organization.

Below is a conversation with Boo Humphries, operations manager for Roanoke Virginia and our instructor for our latest class on terminals in Carlton Academy:

boo-teaching-close-upBoo Humphries Teaching Carlton Academy Technicians

How long has Carlton Academy been going on and who started the program?

The concept of Carlton Academy was started back in 2012 during an annual review between Chris Trevey and myself. I felt that the training being provided by some manufacturers was geared towards product features, not repair and maintenance. Technicians were lacking training on how to troubleshoot problems on the newer equipment. Chris Trevey agreed to start planning and instituting our own training classes. I asked Manuel Hairston, who also was instrumental in getting Carlton Academy started, to help with instruction and the rest is history:

Who attends Carlton Academy?

The Carlton Academy is for ANY service technician regardless of experience. Most topics are aimed at technicians with 5 years’ experience or less. This helps to ramp their knowledge up so that they can become extremely efficient and productive in a short period of time. However, the depth information in these classes will benefit technicians of any skill level.

What was the focus for this class?

The focus of the “Indicators Old & New” class was to make sure attending technicians were intimately familiar with the current equipment they may encounter in the field. We also work to build familiarity with new products so that we can assist customers in selecting capable replacements as failures and obsolescence occurs. I believe the technician should be able to work closely with application engineers to communicate what capabilities equipment should possess so that an application can be quoted correctly.

How does the work we are doing with Carlton Academy benefit our customers?

If a technician applies himself and develops his craft, our customers will see that work pay off in Carlton Scale’s expertise when on site. I have seen technicians with less than 5 years of experience performing like seasoned professionals on jobs that typically would have required another technician. Knowledge breeds efficiency, and efficiency brings value to our customers!

See a few pictures from our three day training event below.

 Carlton Academy Terminals Class of ’16
 Technicians from our 9 branch footprint work on different troubleshooting scenarios with popular indicators

 Class learning about  different terminal capabilities from historical and current product lines


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