Batching, Filling, and Material Transfer Systems

Carlton Scale in conjunction with METTLER TOLEDO and Carlton Industrial Automation provide automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching controllers and systems.  Our controllers are fast, accurate and always reliable. Our systems can be combined with high performance scale bases, weigh modules, or measurement cells to provide a complete solutions for any batching, filling, and material transfer application you may have.


Learn About Batching Types!




Carlton Industrial Automation has developed a flexible batching system called BatchPlus! These are fully integrated custom solutions based on your existing production line with the assistance of our application engineers. Our batching systems can help you with automatic or manual batching applications specific for your production


Carlton Industrial Automation develops custom systems to fit your specific filling applications calles FillPlus. We have experience developing automatic systems that include drumfilling, bag and super sack filling, and automatic conveying weighing systems. Contact one of our application engineers to discuss your specific needs